ME?? Woman of mixed blood who lives in Surabaya. Java-Sumatra-German-American in me.
 Born with red wavy hair, green giant eyes, and gold blink skin.
My Dad is a DJ. My Mom is a Scholar. So, I keep balance for both.
Art student who comes to the wrong department, Business. (:

My Life comes from a MODEL who can be a Professional Photographer | I do all of Photo Session and Camera | Stage always will be My World and I'll walk around in front of ya'll | Born to be The Best Designer and Vocalist - DJ on FFTO | a Young Entrepreneur | Born in Indonesia | Jesus and all of people in My Awesome Life

AM Clothing Store, as the designer and fashion stylist. 
I think all of people can be a designer, which is important to have 3C (Creativity, Collaboration, and Commerce).

I hate casual. So, I go with the clothes neatly conceptualized. 
Hello! No more Gaga, not Perry, but I'm inspired by them.

When I was young, I loved the decor of the food.
I always help my mother make cakes and decorate it together.
Until I opened a small cake shop, named Dapur Bule. Hoping one day be known to many people. :)

I'm a pianist, when I was young. Old singer behind Rihanna. HAHA ! 
I got a new band in college, JeeFU. Click 'News' to get some more..
But now, I'm in love to Jekardaahhh. So, I move to FFTO for my future dream. Cheers!

As the father of her child care, I'm a DJ also. You could go to download:

4 years I became a Model, from Senior High School. Idly until top begins in Surabaya. 
I'm not more beautiful than JuPe. Models don't need to be pretty, high until the sky, big chest, etc. 
The important thing is good looking. Catch me, here: Michelle Yeremi :)

From a model, I know a lot of photographers. So, I got free for their science. Sorry!
Find me, here: MizzeLoveShoot Secret Gallery or My OLD Opening, here :)
Price List? Here !

Mizelizers? Click: Michelle Yeremi