December 4, 2013

A Bunch of Presents

I feel so happy to be surrounded by the nicest friends around me. My first present was from Vita, Aychu, & mE". It's a bag by MICHAEL KORS. I love it very muuccchhhh! Thanks, you three! 2nd is a yellow pocket from Fany by trios. I'll happy to have this stuff! :)
Another presents are from Dachi, Bima, Intan, Bea, Willy, Kelvin, Wicak, Chizta, Cindy, Teli, Benz, & Danke. They gave me bracelet & necklace by TLTSN. Also ethnic hotpants, floral blazer, annddd white dress with a silver chain there. They really know how to buy the fashionest birthday present for me! This is very special! Thank you! :*


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