August 1, 2013


I spend a vacation to my hometown, in North Sumatra. After 3 hours on the plane, finally arrived at my grandmother's house where thick with Dutch era. Houndstooth! Inspired from GUCCI, am I right? In fact, this dress for a photo shoot with my boo. Because his clothes too small, finally we canceled for the photoshoot.

Scarf. Unbranded / Dress. Unbranded / Pants. Unbranded / Shoes. antonio / Bracelet. HERMES / Wristwatch. RHYNE / Bag. Aigner


  1. love your look!
    want to follow each other?

  2. You look fab! love the houndstood

  3. love houndstooth pants kita sama kak ^^

    follow back my blog ya kak ..
    lagi ada giveaway loh ^^

  4. very cute outfit!! pants and scarf together look adorable!

    The Fashion Menue


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