April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mommy! April 14th, 2012

This is it! This is a cake for my mom.. Hha~

Tops by. New Idol | Skirt by. Unbranded | Shoes by. antonio | Bag by. Philippe Charriol

 New Collection, antonio !

 Finally, at Takigawa :)
 Avocado Juice

 Beauty of the day! Tante Manda and Tante Oik (:

The BEST Family ever! :D

Ready to Salad?

Chicken Sushi, anyone?

HELLO, DJ. Oik! Hha~

This is the choice by Manda, after all this time to open the menu.. #G4L4U

FINISH!!!!! Next??
YES!! We went to Eclectic together.. :)

 Oreo?? AFIKA !

 Wine?? Spirit of the day !

Hammer Band

My Family in Jakarta, want a picture of me like this.. Hmmm~

Request Card

This first, before I go. Ok. Bye !


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